Coloured Glass for Residential and Commercial Interiors

We use the latest innovative technology throughout the manufacturing processes of our coloured glass. As master glaziers, We care about what we do and employ a combination of traditional handcraft techniques and modern high-tech glass cutting, shaping and finishing machinery.

Coloured glass is a great low-maintenance alternative to tiles, and one that has many exciting possibilities. Glass is easy to clean, and extremely stain resistant - it also eliminates the the need for grouting, so it's a perfect surface for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas. Glass splashbacks ensure a clean, modern design and smooth finish that requires minimal work to maintain.

Our Coloured Glass products are custom made for your requirements and are manufactured to ensure strength and durability. Our coloured glass of choice is generally toughened safety glass, (know as tempered glass) which is certified to meet Australian Standards for use in domestic and commercial settings.

Coloured glass can be used in various interior settings creating a bold striking statement, only limited by your imagination. Interior designers, home renovators and architects across Sydney have used our services to custom cut and fit coloured glass panels.

  • Splashbacks, Cabinet Door Inserts, Cabinet Doors, Island Bar Backs, Feature Walls, Fridge Insert Panels and Light Boxes
  • Shower Walls, Feature Walls, Vanity Tops, Vanity Splashbacks, Mirror Surrounds, and Spar Walls & Surround
  • Laundry Tub Splashbacks, Feature Walls, and Washer & Drier Surrounds
  • Splashbacks, Feature Walls, Bar Service Tops
  • Feature Walls, Glass Tabletops, Splashbacks, Counter Tops, Signage, Elevator Surrounds, Menu Boards, Light Boxes

Coloured Glass Finishes

There is a huge range of coloured glass finishes to choose from, with effects such as metallic, smoking and pearl. These novel glass trestments can create a wonderful focal point for any home renovation or commercial interior.

Master glazier Robert Graham will measure, quote, supply and install quality coloured glass products to suit any application.

Contact Precision Glass on (02) 9878 4148 to request a free quote anywhere in Sydney.

  • Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks
  • Frameless Balustrades Frameless Balustrades
  • Glass Pool Fences Glass Pool Fences
  • Shower Screens Shower Screens
  • Custom Mirrors Custom Mirrors
  • Glass Replacement Glass Replacement
  • Custom Cut Glass Custom Cut Glass
  • Glass Tabletops & Desks Glass Tabletops & Desks