Safety Glass

The introduction of safety glass has been one of the biggest and most important developments in the glazing industry. Safety glass is directly responsible for the drop in injuries from glass to the public and tradesmen alike. Ordinary glass, known as annealed glass, can be a highly dangerous product, creating a hazardous environment if broken. To comply with current standards all glass installed in high traffic areas (such as doors, shopfront windows, bathrooms and low level glazing) must be made from laminated or toughened glass. It is still possible to use annealed glass in certain areas within the home or office but this is restricted to areas where breakages are less likely to cause harm.


Mirrors are a wonderful way to create the illusion of space and light in a home, shop, hotel, office or restaurant. The traditional function of a mirror is to reflect an image but today mirrors are used to add style and elegance to a space as well as reflect light and image. All of our mirrors are produced to the highest Australian standards and examples can been seen throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Glass for Buildings

Glass for buildings comes in a variety of forms form windows and doors to glass installations and glass panels. Precision Glass has been meeting the Sydney glass needs for buildings for more than 25 years and are experts in the field. We guarantee a fast and reliable service for all your building glass needs.

Glass Processing

Producing glass for some products can result in sharp and dangerous edges that require edgework. This edgework not only removes the potential hazard but also gives a decorative look to the glass. Glass products with exposed edges (common on glass tables, glass shelves and mirrors) must be ‘finished’ to make them safe. This is often done with a polished or bevelled edge. Precision Glass can also create specialised edgework, however, to give your product a unique finish. Ask us what is possible!

Other Glass Products

Glass can be used in less traditional areas to great effect. Some examples of areas for which we supply glass include kitchen splashbacks, glass whiteboards, menu boards and glass displays. Using glass for these areas gives a unique, polished, contemporary yet timeless appearance and can be produced in almost any colour.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass adds safety and strength for glass areas in homes and businesses. When broken, toughened glass will break into small pieces rather than dangerous shards. At Precision Glass we use toughened glass for everything from shopfronts and balustrades to kitchen glass splashbacks, glass shelving and furniture. The strength and safety of this glass is what makes it the best choice for these areas, and it doesn’t lose any of the delicate beauty of ordinary annealed glass.

Where should toughened glass be used?

Toughened glass is manufactured to Grade A standard and is used in high traffic areas to comply with current Australian Standards. Areas where the likelihood of human impact is higher, such as hallways, shopfronts, reception areas or pool surrounds require the use to toughened glass. Glass door panels, side panels near doors and low level glazing also required toughened or safety glass to comply with Australian Standards, ensuring the best safety in the situation where damage may occur.
Because of the nature of the glass, its strength and durability make is the best choice for use in areas of high temperature or areas subject to vandalism too. Kitchen splashbacks and hot food display areas, therefore, also require the use of toughened glass to ensure safety. Bus shelters, squash courts, poolside fencing and balustrades all use toughed glass to provide the best safety to people in the case of damage or breakage.

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