Glass shelving gives an elegant appearance to a room whether that is in the home or in a business. As well as being functional it provides a sense of uncluttered, open space within the room. Precision Glass custom makes glass shelving ranging from standard clear glass to heavy weight safety glass depending on your needs. Glass shelving is available in clear finish, frosted or painted finish, giving you the flexibility to customise your space.

The advantages of glass shelves

The main advantages of glass shelves are:

  • Flexibility in size and shape
  • Light transmission
  • Creating a sense of space and style

Size and shape

Thanks to modern machine technology, today’s glass shelving can be produced in a multitude of sizes and shapes to suit you style and needs. Squares, rectangles, curves and L shaped shelves are the most common but you are not limited to these by any means. Because it is possible to transform ordinary glass into toughened glass there is no limit to the shapes that can be possible for glass shelving.

Light Transmission

The wonderful advantage of glass shelving in a display cabinet is the fact that the items on the bottom of the cabinet will no longer be shrouded in shadow. Because light will pass straight through the shelves, filtering down to the lower levels, items at the bottom can still be seen. This is one of the main advantages of glass shelving in use in homes and offices today.

Creating space and style

Due to the nature of glass the eye can see through the space to beyond the shelf. This creates the illusion of space whilst also giving a modern feel to the area.

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