Glazing dates back hundreds of years to the construction of historical buildings, churches and even castles. Glaziers today are highly trained professionals who work installing glass in commercial and domestic buildings across the world. They are also the professionals responsible for the manufacture of many of the glass products we use every day, such as glass mirrors, glass splashbacks and glass tabletops to name a few. Precision Glass has been providing a quality glass installation and glass repair service to the Sydney area for more than 25 years. During that time we have worked with almost every type of glass and glass system available. This long history in the industry means that you can be guaranteed a high standard of service and glass product every time.

Sydney Glaziers

Precision Glass has been installing glass in the Sydney area for over a quarter of a century. All of our glaziers are highly qualified and familiar with the latest Australian Standards and building codes.

Glazing in homes

Despite its tough appearance glass is a fragile product and can be easily damaged by falling tree branches, birds, stones, vandalism or accidental breakage. Breakages can occur at any time of day making a home or property vulnerable to further damage from weather or intruders. Precision Glass is aware of the need for a prompt response and will replace or repair your broken glass quickly and efficiently, securing your property and clearing any hazard resulting from broken glass.

Glazing in commercial buildings

Commercial buildings have a wide range of glass needs and products. An emergency replacement must be able to match these needs quickly and efficiently whether that be for anything from standard laminated glass to for high performance reflective coated glass. Because Precision Glass have a wide network of suppliers we are able to access your glass replacement quickly, securing your Sydney building at enviable speed.

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