Laminated glass has improved the safety of homes and offices greatly since its introduction into the market. Precision Glass has many orders for laminated glass, making it one of our most popular products for home and commercial buildings. Laminated glass is used in many different areas in the home and office, including: doors, windows, balustrades, shower screens, glass roofing and display cabinets. Laminated glass is made of two sheets of ordinary annealed glass, bound together by a plastic interlayer resulting in one of the safest glass products on the market today. Its added strength, safety and security make it the ideal choice for many areas but in particular those where the risk of accidental breakage or vandalism is higher.

Types of laminated glass

There are many types of laminated glass, but the most common is the standard clear laminated glass most often seen in use in domestic sliding doors, low level glazing, office windows, shop windows and doors, and internal office partitions. Precision Glass stock a range of sizes and thicknesses of laminated glass enabling us to cater for your needs in an emergency glass breakage situation as well as being able to promptly supply your glazing needs for new installations. Clear laminated glass is not the only type of laminated glass that we stock, however. We also provide frosted, tinted and patterned laminated glass for use in homes and businesses. Give us a call and we will help you find the best choice of laminated glass for your needs.

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